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Take my sister's survey, get a free SQUISHY BRAIN!

I am so proud of my sister, Nancy. She has an awesome reading system consulting business http://www.BookandBrain.com - she is a keynote speaker and teaches teachers and students around the country (and soon, Internationally). She is also in her Master's program at Pepperdine University, in Educational Technology. She overcame her own learning disabilities and dyslexia, and taught herself to read in 8th grade - and used what she learned about her "different learning" to create a system to help others.

"I am sending you my link to my survey. If you are interested fill out the starred * questions and receive a squishy brain from Book & Brain. Or fill out the whole survey for my research. I am sending about 8000 e-mails this week and I am hoping to get a good response with Survey Monkey. Check it out. This is my year long project for Pepperdine that I will present in LA before a graduate in June. Almost done.....



PS: My cover letter is pasted below so you can see the whole thing. With mom being gone, I would usually send this stuff to her and let her comment to me about what she thought. She usually would be interested in my life and what I am doing, but Dad, no way, he could care less or make a negative ugly comment. So he does not get it. Ha.

Cover Letter with Link:

Book & Brain On Line Learning Community

Welcome to the new Book & Brain On Line Learning Community. You can participate on several different levels. Simply sign up for our weekly newsletter: The Book & Brain Minute, and receive valuable information for personal and professional use. Or get activity involved earning professional credit hours just by sharing your experiences on line with us in a safe place. Begin your journey by taking a short survey to let us know what you think.

Receive a Squishy Brain in the mail for your participation of this survey!

This survey is arranged in three parts and will take 5-7 minutes of your time:

· The first part contains questions about your present and past experience with Book and Brain materials.

· The second section asks you to help us think about the future and how we might use new tools and strategies for extending and enriching our approach.

· The final page asks a few questions about you and leaves information on where to send your Squishy Brain. Deadline to receive Brain: March 25, 2008

Click on the link to begin the Survey:"


Karla Linden
this is great! May I post it to my blog? I have about 100 readers.

"Cool, thanks, if anyone wants to take the survey, they will get a squishy brain. They may want to do this just for that reason, but if they are techie people, I would love their feeback."
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